What we have achieved so far and what is coming next

2 min readFeb 5, 2024


Today, we take a moment to celebrate the remarkable milestones we’ve achieved since our inception in February 2023. From strategic planning and successful fundraising to the launch of our XRLM token on Ethereum, the path has been one of continuous growth and innovation.

xRealm Mobile Application

In this post, we’ll walk you through the highlights of what we’ve accomplished so far, providing a snapshot of our journey. But that’s not all — stay tuned as we unveil what lies on the horizon. The near future holds the exciting launch of the xRealm application, introducing ChatAI and ImageAI functionalities. Join us as we navigate the realms of AI, reflecting on our achievements and setting the stage for what’s to come.

✅ Achievements So Far (February 2023 — January 2024)

➡️ February 2023:

  • Initiated project planning and business preparations.
  • Commenced working on the design.

➡️ April 2023:

  • Successfully completed the https://xRealm.ai website.
  • Started fundraising activities.

➡️ June 2023:

  • Successfully completed early stage fundraising.

➡️ July 2023:

  • Initiated the development of iOS and Android applications.
  • Launched xRealm token (XRLM) on the Ethereum blockchain.

➡️ August 2023:

➡️ September 2023:

➡️ October 2023:

  • Official listing of XRLM token on its first exchange, VINDAX.

➡️ November 2023:

➡️ December 2023:

  • Initiated closed beta testing of the mobile app.

➡️ January 2024:

🔍 Next Steps (March 2024 and Beyond):

➡️ March 2024:

  • Launch the xRealm application on both Apple Store and Google Play Store for public access with ChatAI and ImageAI functions.
  • Commence Marketing and PR campaigns to promote the platform and attract users.

➡️ Summer 2024:

  • Enhance the application by adding more functionalities based on user feedback and market trends.

➡️ Ongoing:

  • Continuously monitor the AI market, keeping a close eye on competitors and industry trends.
  • Implement necessary improvements and adjustments to stay aligned with market dynamics.

➡️ Looking Ahead:

  • Strive for continuous innovation and improvement to remain at the forefront of the AI market.
  • Foster a user-centric approach, incorporating valuable feedback to shape the platform’s evolution.
  • Explore strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand the platform’s reach and capabilities.

Our journey is all about moving forward, staying creative, and adapting in the fast-paced world of AI and blockchain. We’re excited about what lies ahead as xRealm finds its place in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates and developments! 🚀🚀




xRealm combines multiple AI applications into a unified platform, improving user experience and cutting costs through significantly lower subscription fees.